10 CPAP supplies & accessories that might be new to you

Once you set up your CPAP therapy system at home, you should be "good to go."

However, in the event you have specific struggles with using CPAP, or have specific needs above and beyond the typical user, you do have options. 

Disclaimer: There are many dozens of products that can help CPAP users have a better therapy experience. We cannot review or feature them all here. The best products for our patients are the ones that best serve their needs and work for them. Products featured here constitute examples (three in each category, whenever possible) which are based on online customer reviews, but do not necessarily constitute product endorsements by Sound Sleep Health. 

10 CPAP accessories you might want to look into

1. CPAP pillows

Using one of these can help CPAP users achieve more comfort if they are typical side sleepers, as the pillow design provides allowance for the headgear and mask parts that might otherwise protrude into the pillow once the sleeper turns to the right or left side. 

Contour CPAP pillow

CPAPMax CPAP pillow

Double Edge PAPillow

2. Heated tubing insulators

Placing an insulating sleeve around the CPAP hose, especially when you're using heated tubing, can help defend against problems with rainout, especially if you tend to keep your room cooler at night. 

Apex Medical tubing sleeve

ResMed zippered tubing wrap

Snuggle Skins insulating CPAP hose cover

3. Tubing lifts

Keeping your CPAP tubing out of the way may be a priority for you, especially if you have limited space along the sides of your bed, frequent "visitors" (pets and children), or a sleepmate. These products help stow unused lengths of hose out of the way while you sleep.


Arden Innovations CPAP hose lift

Duracare CPAP hose holder

Pur-Sleep retracting reel CPAP tube hanger holder

4. Eye shields

Some people struggle with air leaks that can irritate their eyes. Usually this is a problem related to mask fit or style. However, if you've tried many different kinds of masks and cannot find relief, you might opt for one of these products.

Eye Eco Eyeseals 4.0 sleeping mask with secure wrap

Eye Eco Onyix silicone shield for nighttime shelter

Face Cozy CPAP face-protection shield 


5. Chin supports

These can come in handy for those using nasal pillows or nasal masks who tend to breathe through their mouths on occasion. 

Breathewear halo chinstrap

ChinUp Strips (adhesive exterior chin support)

SnoreEX™ professional anti snore chin strap

6. CPAP mask liners

There are many different kinds of mask liners you can use to cut down on red marks and pressure sores if, after multiple mask fittings and trials, you can't seem to avoid them.

CPAP Comfort Cover reusable CPAP mask liners

RemZzzs CPAP and BiPAP mask liners

Silent Night CPAP mask liners

7. Nasal gel pads

Comfort along the bridge of the nose can be achieved by using a nasal gel pad inserted where contact with the skin results in discomfort. 

AG CPAP Boomerang Nasal Gel Pad

ResMed Gecko Nasal Pad

Respironics Nasal Soft CPAP Cushion

8. CPAP mask wipes

Easy day-to-day cleaning can be achieved by using these mask wipes. 


Citrus II CPAP mask wipes

Contour CPAP mask wipes

SoClean CPAP mask wipes

9. SoClean CPAP sterilizing system

There's only one of its kind available right now, but for those who want to have ease in cleaning CPAP and confidence in the sterilization of equipment with every use, this option can't be beat. 

SoClean® 2 CPAP cleaner and sanitizing machine

10. Portable CPAP machine

These can be very handy for people who travel a great deal, experience frequent power outages where they live, or spend a lot of time overnight while outdoors. Two machines make up this market, and they both have distinct features.

HDM Z1 travel CPAP machine with Powershell

Transcend EZEX™ mini CPAP

Always seek help from your durable medical equipment (DME) provider first before investing in products to ensure you actually need them. Many CPAP comfort issues can be fixed through mask trials and refitting. Sound Sleep Health has an onsite DME provider who can help you with all your comfort issues.

Sometimes, however, all the adjustments in the world don't resolve certain issues, which is the reason why some of these products were developed. As you browse these products, don't hesitate to ask the DME about them if any interest you. They may already have many of these items in stock or could order them for you.

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