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Insomnia Treatment Options: Sleep Specialist and at Home Solutions

Can’t Sleep? Common Causes and Reasons

Health Consequences of Untreated Insomnia

Is It Insomnia? (Diagnosis and the Sleep Specialist)

What Is Insomnia? (Signs and Symptoms)

What is Somnoplasty? (Uses, Procedure, Side Effects, and Success Rate)

Sleep Apnea Surgery Procedures and the ENT Specialist/Doctor

Low Testosterone Therapy and Sleep Apnea

Low Testosterone: Signs, Symptoms, Causes, and Risk Factors

Pain Medications and Sleep and Breathing

Pain Medications and Their Effect on Sleep Architecture

Pain and Sleep: Diabetic Neuropathy

Is Fibromyalgia real? The Link Between Fibromyalgia Pain and Sleep

Pain and Sleep: Its Effect and Consequences

Consequences Of Untreated Obstructive Sleep Apnea In Children

Lack of Sleep and Its Effect on Blood Sugar Levels

The Importance of Sleep and Memory Consolidation

Stress, Anxiety, Depression and the Role of Sleep

The Need for Quality and Quantity of Sleep

The Best Portable CPAP Machines for Camping: Z1 vs Transcend

Seasonal Allergies, Sleep Apnea, and CPAP Problems

7 Tips for Night Shift Weight Loss

Sleepwalking: Causes, Reasons, Risks, and Treatments

Sleep Related Eating Disorder: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment

Shift Work, Hormones, and Hunger: A Vicious Cycle

What Is Sleep Paralysis? (Signs, Symptoms, and Causes)

What is Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome? (Diagnosis and Treatment)

Why Am I Tired All the Time? I Sleep All the Time!

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and Central Sleep Apnea (CSA)

The Split Night Sleep Study: Challenges and Problems

What is Kleine-Levin Syndrome (aka Sleeping Beauty Syndrome)?

What is REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD)? Signs, Symptoms, & Diagnosis

Sleep Apnea and Heart Disease: Risks and Dangers

Why does the sleep study evaluation process take so long?

What is a Home Sleep Study/Test (HST)? (Reasons and Indications)

What is an Overnight Sleep Study (Polysomnogram)?

Tips For How To Deal With 3 AM Insomnia

Overnight Sleep Study: What are all These Wires for?

Cranial Problems and Sleep Breathing Disorders

Facial Structure, OSA, and CPAP: Problems and Solutions

ADHD vs Sleep Apnea in Children: Signs, Symptoms and Risk Factors

Should I Let My Dog (or Pet) Sleep With Me? (Pros and Cons)

Infographic: Sleep deprivation in the Evergreen State

The pros and cons of napping

Sleep better in 17 days with these best practices

Diet Resolutions for Better Sleep in 2017

Exercise Resolutions for Better Sleep

Best Sleep Health Resolutions for 2017

5 ways to light up your holidays, your home, and your mood

The Darkest Night Of The Year, According To Our Circadian Rhythms

Cozy bedding tips for cold winter nights

Tips for avoiding (sleep) debt during the holidays

Ways that sleep deprivation can impact your holidays

When sleep loss leads to weight gain

Concussions: Can they lead to sleep disorders?

Sleep and its impact on dementia

Epilepsy and sleep: The silent struggle with nighttime seizures

What is a CPAP Titration Sleep Study?

What is a Split Night Sleep Study and why would I need one?

Follow this CPAP therapy timeline to achieve success

Don't blame your Thanksgiving turkey for feeling sleepy today

Great gift ideas for the CPAP user in your life

Is caffeine affecting your sleep?

Should CPAP users worry if they lose power to their machines?

What is bruxism and how does it impact sleep?

Is vaping a better option than smoking at bedtime?

Are you thinking about buying a CPAP battery backup?

How to treat sleep apnea in children

Can kids have sleep apnea? Yes! Know the signs, symptoms & causes

Power outage alert: Back up your CPAP in Seattle today!

How to prepare for a sleep study (polysomnogram)

What is CPAP failure? Compliance, adherence & insurance

10 CPAP supplies & accessories that might be new to you

When should you replace your CPAP supplies?

Is your deductible met? You can save on CPAP supplies NOW

Characteristics of the best Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Companies

Check out these solutions for 6 common problems with CPAP (Part Two)

Check out these solutions for 6 common problems with CPAP (Part One)

Understanding Your CPAP Filters: Reasons and Replacement

How to make friends with your CPAP machine

CPAP mask problems: Is it just a bad fit or time for a replacement?

How to find the Best CPAP Mask

The high price of untreated sleep apnea

What causes Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)? How do you treat it?

How do circadian rhythms influence productivity in the workplace?

What is melatonin and how does it work? (Benefits and Usage)

Cancer & sleep apnea: The blood oxygen compromise

When chronic pain is the enemy of sleep

The truth about pregnancy and sleep apnea: Know your risks... treatment is easy

How to use relaxation techniques & exercises to fall asleep

How can sleep benefit from massage therapy?

Why is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) recommended for insomnia?

Did you know? Stubborn insomnia may actually be sleep apnea

Ignore insomnia at your peril: Side effects & consequences

What kinds of medical problems cause insomnia?

9 ways teens benefit when schools start later

Check out Seattle Met's latest issue featuring Seattle's Top Doctors!

Seattle Public Schools launch new start times

Untreated sleep apnea and high blood pressure: Risks, causes, and correlations

Alternative therapies for treating your sleep apnea

If it's not sleep apnea, what is it?

Marijuana: Is it an effective sleep aid?

That evening drag: the problem of smoking and sleep apnea

Are common medications interrupting your sleep?

When is oxygen therapy performed in a sleep lab?

COPD: Breathless and sleepless at the same time

5 things you need to know: Central Apnea & ASV therapy

FAST FACTS: How to make sense of your sleep study: AHI versus RDI

How to exercise your way to sleep apnea relief

People with sleep apnea: Are you diabetic?

When you come to the intersection of sleep apnea and obesity

FAST FACTS: Is it possible for sleep apnea to be genetic?

How to find stillness when you have periodic limb movements

How can you distinguish Periodic Limb Movements from Restless Legs?

Why Should You Know About Periodic Limb Movement Disorder?

FAST FACTS: First Night Effect and the Sleep Study

Sleep architecture: The stages and cycles of sleep

Our favorite Seattle sleep medicine dentists

What's the difference between a snore guard and an oral appliance?

FAST FACTS: 5 examples of poor sleep hygiene

Dentists: How to screen for sleep apnea

Congratulations! Dr. Gandis Mazeika wins "Top Doc" honor for 2016

FAST FACTS: 10 clues you might be sleep deprived

Visit our sleep health booth at the Mill Creek Festival & Street Fair!

Renton man's Ambien Experience: A Cautionary Tale

What is Dental Sleep Medicine?

Dental sleep medicine luncheon slated for July 27

FAST FACTS: The difference between APAP and CPAP

Why is it hard to fall asleep away from home?

Traveling with a CPAP Machine: Tips, Tricks, and Options

Top Reasons to Have a Sleep Study (Test)

3 Ways to deliver air pressure: CPAP masks

Sleep Medicine Acronyms (From APAP to Zzzz): Part 4, S-Z

Sleep Medicine Acronyms (From APAP to Zzzz): Part 3, N-R

Sleep Medicine Acronyms (From APAP to Zzzz): Part 2, E-M

FAST FACTS: 14 reasons why you can't sleep at night

Sleep Medicine Acronyms (From APAP to Zzzz): Part 1, A-D

Hypersomnolence: Is there such a thing as too much sleep?

Where to buy CPAP supplies (DME, online, or retail?)

FAST FACTS: Alcohol and Sleep

How Much Does a PAP (CPAP, APAP, BiPAP) Machine Cost?

Does Insurance Pay for a CPAP Machine? (Coverage and Cost)

Does Insurance Pay for Sleep Studies? (Coverage, Costs, and Rates)

FAST FACTS: Signs that you might have sleep apnea

Sleep Apnea and Truck Drivers

How much does a sleep study cost? (Prices and Rates)

What is the Maintenance of Wakefulness Test?

FAST FACTS: Signs and symptoms of hypersomnolence

How does a CPAP machine work?

The Best CPAP Mask: Pros and Cons of 3 Different Styles

"How do I clean my CPAP?"


Sleep apnea and brain damage: one more reason to wear your CPAP mask

What is Lucid Dreaming? (History, Benefits, and Techniques)

Hypertension and Lack of Sleep


Hot summer nights? Don't be sleepless in Seattle

Lack of Sleep and Mood Disorders: A Connection


Burning the midnight oil and creativity

Phototherapy and Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS)

Check out our new CPAP Support Group!

Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS) and Teenagers

Blue light therapy for sleep disorders: Insomnia, DSPS, and ASPS

Insomnia vs Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

What is Insomnia? (Types and Causes)

Insomnia and food allergies = food-allergy insomnia

Peristalsis and Sleep: How both work in tandem with circadian rhythms

Acid Reflux and Sleep

Food and Sleep: What and when we eat matters to the body clock

Idiopathic hypersomnia: feeling tired all the time

Night Terrors vs Nightmares: Both Can Be Very Frightening

What is a Parasomnia? Things that go BUMP in the night!

Circadian Rhythm Disorder and the Sleep Wake Cycle

What is REM sleep?

What is Cataplexy and How is it Treated?

What is a Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT)?

How much sleep do I need?

What is Narcolepsy? (Signs, Symptoms, and Diagnosis)

Restless Leg Syndrome: Causes and Symptoms

Sleep and skin health: Beauty sleep is not a myth

Adaptive Servo Ventilation (ASV) and Central Sleep Apnea

The Role of Sleep and Weight Loss

The hazards of Daylight Saving Time: risks and tips

When is my partner's snoring more than annoying?

Using Auto-CPAP (APAP) Therapy: It's not a set-and-forget option

Sleep Apnea, Opioid Pain Medication, and the Sleep Study

When To Get New CPAP Supplies (Masks, Tubing, Filters & Machine)

Sleep Apnea and Weight Gain: Reasons and Answers

Are you sleeping all the time? (Reasons, Causes and Solutions)

The Best Sleep Centers in Seattle

Causes of Bedwetting in Adults: Diagnosis and Treatment Options

Problems with CPAP: When is BiPAP therapy the best treatment?

Central Sleep Apnea: Causes, Diagnosis, and Therapies

The Sleep Medicine Team: Physicians, Technologists, Educators, Dentists

What is the best sleep study for my problem?

How to practice good sleep hygiene: Tips & Tricks

What Is Sleep Debt and Why Should I Avoid It?

What Is Sleep Apnea? (Signs, Symptoms, and Risks)

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