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For the second time, Sound Sleep Health's Dr. Gandis Mazeika has earned accolades as a 2016 “Top Doctor” in the Sleep Medicine category by Seattle Met magazine. Previously, Dr. Mazeika was lauded in 2010. 

The Seattle Met honor is important because it's determined by physician peers in the greater Seattle area voting for those they consider the hardest working and most reputable among them.

Dr. Mazeika and his sleep medicine team specialize in diagnosing and treating the full range of sleep disorders, from sleep apnea to insomnia to circadian rhythm disorders.

Most recently, Sound Sleep Health's sleep specialists have contributed to narcolepsy research, and Dr. Mazeika was featured at the KOMO 4 news website in regard to a local news story about Ambien use. He is also actively engaged in sleep apnea education for sleep medicine dentists and pursuing expansion into telemedicine services for selected populations.

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