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Should CPAP users worry if they lose power to their machines?

Kristen Havens

Winter is coming, and so is the weather that comes with it: high winds, heavy ran, snow, and ice, all of which can cause the power grid to go down during the night. Blackouts are an inconvenience for everyone, but they're particularly worrisome for people who rely on electricity to run their medical equipment.

CPAP users fall into this category. Without a steady source of power or a ready backup option (like a battery pack), your CPAP machine will stop running when the power goes out. You'll be getting by without treatment for your apnea until the grid comes back online. 

Similarly, if you're traveling and you don't have a reliable source of compatible electric current for your machine, you won't be able to comply with your therapy. (For example, if you're in a country with different outlets, or if you're camping or residing in a temporary shelter.)

No power to your CPAP machine means you'll be living with untreated apnea and snoring until electricity becomes available again. Anyone who's lived with obstructive sleep apnea knows what that means.

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10 CPAP supplies & accessories that might be new to you

Tamara Kaye Sellman, RPSGT, CCSH

Once you set up your CPAP therapy system at home, you should be "good to go."

However, in the event you have specific struggles with using CPAP, or have specific needs above and beyond the typical user, you do have options. 

Disclaimer: There are many dozens of products that can help CPAP users have a better therapy experience. We cannot review or feature them all here. The best products for our patients are the ones that best serve their needs and work for them. Products featured here constitute examples (three in each category, whenever possible) which are based on online customer reviews, but do not necessarily constitute product endorsements by Sound Sleep Health. 

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