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Don't blame your Thanksgiving turkey for feeling sleepy today

Tamara Kaye Sellman, RPSGT, CCSH

It's easy to blame the Thanksgiving turkey for causing your late-day lethargy on this day of feasting. After all, the poor bird can't speak for itself, and it's the centerpiece of most holiday meals in the United States. 

We believe our nationally shared "food coma" on the last Thursday in November is directly caused by an overdose of tryptophan in our bloodstream. 

However, the myth of the turkey as the cause of Thanksgiving day fatigue and sleepinesshas been busted, soundly and repeatedly, by scientists. 

Yes, turkey has tryptophan. And yes, tryptophan, in the right amounts, and consumed in a specific way, can make you sleepy. 

But our shared Thanksgiving day "food coma" can hardly be blamed on a roasted bird.

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