Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)Restless Legs

Symptoms are usually creepy-crawly or achy sensations of the limbs or other body parts that go away temporarily by stretching or movement.

RLS is the most common movement disorder; even though the name of the disorder refers to the legs, symptoms can affect almost any body part, including the head, neck, trunk and arms.

RLS is considered a sleep disorder because symptoms often are worst in the evening and at night, interfering with getting to sleep or staying asleep.

About 10% of Americans are affected by RLS at least occasionally;

About 10 – 20% of RLS sufferers have severe symptoms that interfere with activities of daily living.

Severe RLS has been associated with increased risk for high blood pressure, depression and anxiety.

Our clinic has a great track record for treating even the toughest RLS symptoms. We offer many treatment options.

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