Facility Based Sleep Testing (PSG)

Facility-based sleep testing is the gold standard method to determine whether a patient has a sleep disorder. Sleep testing is painless, non-invasive and is conducted in a private, comfortable, hotel-like setting.

How it works:

You will come to the testing facility in the evening, usually after 9 PM. A highly trained team of sleep technologist is present to greet you, escort you to your sleeping room and attach the monitoring equipment. The process of getting settled in and having the monitoring equipment attached takes about half an hour to forty minutes. The monitoring sensors are quick and easy to attach; there are some wires that extend from the sensors to a box next to the bed – these wires are very thin and flexible; they are bundled together so as not to restrict movement in the bed.

Once the equipment is in place, lights are turned out and you simply go to sleep. Our rooms are temperature controlled, quiet and dark. Our beds are very high quality and uniformly get great reviews.

If there is a need to get up out of bed during the testing, the sleep technologist can be easily called by a microphone and will assist you if needed.

Have more questions about a sleep study?

We have addressed some of the common questions below about types of sleep studies, cost of a sleep study, and insurance and sleep testing:


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