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amalia geller

Amalia Geller, MD

I have a passion for neurology and sleep medicine. I have a vision for developing post-stroke care programs and incorporating sleep medicine screening in this setting. Sleep apnea is considered the 3rd leading risk factor for stroke, independent of hypertension, diabetes and atrial fibrillation.


I have been in the health care field since I was 18 years old as a respiratory therapist. My career path took me through pharmacy school and then to medical school. During my education years I worked as a pharmacist and have real work experience in the private sector. This has helped me to develop managerial and administrative skills.

I am happily married / 19 years and am blessed to have a wonderful husband who has seen me through this career as a physician. We are blessed with 2 children, now teenagers who are also thinking of careers in the health care field. I cherish my time with my family and pets and enjoy yoga, spinning and pilates. Keeping up with current issues in my chosen field is also an essential part of how I spend my time.

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