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Chris Craig, ARNP

Christopher Craig has been a nurse practitioner for over three decades. He helps patients with a range of sleep disorders at Sound Sleep Health with three locations in Kirkland and Seattle, Washington.

Over 20 years ago, Craig began his practice in sleep medicine. He was one of the first nurse practitioners nationally to have a clinical practice in this subspecialty who was mentored by local leaders in sleep medicine.

Craig graduated from the University of Washington and has a background as a high-school teacher. He incorporates a strong educational component into the care he provides for patients and families. His priority is helping patients overcome the many tribulations of sleep disorders and helping them to improve quality of life and wellbeing.

Craig enjoys teaching other healthcare providers about sleep disorders. He focuses in particular on the diagnosis and treatment, and the physical and mental health complications that can often arise as a result of specific sleep disorders.

He has a keen interest in research and is an active researcher in the sleep medicine field. He’s been a sub-investigator in numerous phase II and phase III clinical drug trials and studies, ever eager to expand his knowledge and assist the progress of medicine.

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