Why Choose SSH?

We Love What We Do

On any day you walk into one of our sleep clinics, you will find our staff relaxed, happy and attentive. Our doctors take the time to really listen. Your sleep clinic night technologist will take care of you like family. In short, we create an enjoyable work environment that allows our staff to feel valued, which in turn leads to valuing our patients.

Cost Effective Sleep Clinic

As an independent sleep clinic, we are free from the cost overhead that many other sleep disorders clinics incur. We pass the savings directly on to you by charging lower rates for sleep studies and clinic visits. By choosing Sound Sleep Health over a hospital based or other sleep clinics, you will save hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses.

We Offer Unsurpassed Quality of Care

Our physicians are all board certified and board eligible sleep specialists.

Our core sleep clinics have achieved the highest rating of quality, accreditation by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. An Academy site inspector described Sound Sleep Health as, “one of the best sleep programs I’ve ever seen.”

Our affiliate facilities are closely supervised by our experienced staff and reproduce the high quality we’ve attained in our core facilities.

We have a refined patient management system that integrates medical records, prescriptions, patient task reminders, and medical equipment into a smooth, unified process that guarantees you will never be forgotten.

We Are Close to You

We have sleep clinic locations in Kirkland, North Seattle, and downtown Seattle.

We Are Independent

We don’t belong to a mega-group of doctors; if the need arises to coordinate your care with another specialist, we will send you to the best doctor we know of, rather than keep you “in the house."