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Gandis Mažeika, MD, FAASM

Sleep Medicine Expert

Over 25 years in clinical practice

  • Board Certification: Sleep Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry
  • Clinical Focus: General Sleep Medicine, Hypersomnia, Sleep Problems after TBI
  • Medical School: University of California, Davis

Residencies and Fellowships

  • Psychiatry, McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School
  • Neurology, Duke University Medical Center
  • Sleep Medicine, Duke University Medical Center

Research Experience and Publications

  • Use of Clinical Questionnaires in Sleep Medicine
  • Principal Investigator in multiple clinical trials

Leadership Experience

  • Director and Founder of Sound Sleep Health
  • Prior Medical Director at Providence Everett Sleep Center, Idaho Sleep Health and Island Hospital Sleep Center


  • Multi-year Top Doctor award winner
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Susan Cummings, MSN, PMHNP

Over 11 years in clinical practice

  • Clinical Focus: Insomnia and Medication Management
  • Education: MSN, magna cum laude, Washington State University
  • Residency: PMHMP Residency, University of New Hampshire
  • Leadership Experience: Adjunct Faculty, Washington State University Nursing Program
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Raina Gupta, MD

Over 10 years in clinical practice

  • Board Certification: Sleep Medicine, Adult Neurology
  • Clinical Focus: Sleep Medicine and Neurology
  • Medical School: University of Louisville

Residencies and Fellowships

  • Adult Neurology, Rush University
  • Sleep Disorders Fellowship, University of Chicago

Leadership Experience

  • National Board Member, American Physicians of Indian Origin Sleep Chapter

Research Experience, Presentations and Publications

  • Multiple contributions to Neurology and Emergency Medicine Journals
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Sheila Manhas, MD

Over 10 years in clinical practice

  • Board certification: Sleep Medicine, Adult Neurology
  • Clinical focus:Sleep Medicine and Neurology
  • Medical School:University of Alberta, Canada

Residencies and Fellowships

  • Adult Neurology, University of Manitoba
  • Clinical Neurophysiology, UCLA School of Medicine
  • Sleep Fellowship, Huntington Memorial Hospital, Pasadena CA

Research Experience and Publications

  • Research on neurobiology of Alzheimer’s Disease and Motor Neuron Disease

Leadership Experience

  • Extensive experience doing volunteer medical work in British Columbia and India
  • Coach, womens’ ice hockey
  • Extensive teaching experience during graduate school
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Smita Patel, DO

Over 20 years in clinical practice

  • Board Certification: Sleep Medicine, Adult Neurology, Integrative Medicine
  • Clinical Focus: Sleep Medicine, Integrative Approaches to Sleep Disorders
  • Medical School: Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine 
  • Advanced degree in Healthcare Informatics, MS expected 2025

Residencies and Fellowships

  • Neurology, Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Sleep Medicine, University of Chicago
  • Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona (Andrew Weil MD Clinic)

Research Experience and Publications

  • Healthcare Informatics: Electronic Health Records and Big Data in Sleep Medicine
  • Dietary and Integrative Interventions in Neurological Disease
  • Contributor, Integrative Sleep Medicine textbook, Oxford University Press
  • Principal Investigator in multiple clinical trials

Leadership Experience

  • President, Illinois State Neurological Society
  • Member, Illinois Department of Public Health, Alzheimer Disease Advisory Committee
  • Congressional Adviser for Neurology, Palatucci Advocacy Leadership Forum, American Academy of Neurology
  • Former Director, Center for Brain Health, Northshore University Health System
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Birgit Weeks, MSN, ARNP

Sleep Medicine Specialist

Birgit is an adult nurse practitioner who received her Masters Degree from University of Alabama. She has extensive experience in primary care and in adult /geriatric medicine as an ARNP. She is a member of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society. She has a strong interest in sleep medicine as an important component of health promotion. She strives to provide the highest level of healing, well being and quality of life in a holistic context.

She graduated with a BSN from Northeastern University in Boston with Honors. She has conducted international research on the use of music in medicine and was published in 2010. Her research is part of the evidence-based research for the European guidelines for music use in peri-operative care. She has extensive work background as a Certified Critical Care Nurse in various types of ICU's in both Denmark and in the US. Birgit has also had a special interest in use of complementary measures such as imagery, meditation, stress management, and application of music with a focus on promotion of healthy living and improved quality of sleep.

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Joel Younger, MD, FAASM

Over 40 years in clinical and academic practice

  • Board Certification: Sleep Medicine, Adult Neurology, Epilepsy
  • Clinical Focus: Sleep Medicine and Neurology
  • Medical School: Jefferson Medical College

Residencies and Fellowships

  • Adult Neurology: Northwestern University
  • Sleep Disorders: University of Chicago

Leadership Experience

  • Instructor in Neurology, Rush Presbyterian Medical Center
  • Medical Directorships of Sleep Centers at
    • La Palma Intercommunity Hospital, La Palma CA
    • Western Medical Center, Anaheim CA
    • St. Jude Hospital, Fullerton CA

Prior Experience

  • Sleep Research Technician, Veterans Administration Hospital, San Francisco

Research Experience and Publications

  • Principal Investigator on clinical trials of CPAP therapy
  • Multiple contributions to Sleep Medicine and Neurology Journals including seminal articles on measuring impact of CPAP therapy on Sleep Apnea.

Honors and Distinctions

  • One of the first physicians to achieve board certification in Sleep Medicine in 1983
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