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Telehealth Video Appointments

We are excited to announce that we now offer telehealth video appointments! Telehealth is an effective alternative for all types of appointments from new patient consultations to follow-ups. While we love to see our patients in our offices, we understand that virtual calls are convenient, time-efficient and support sheltering-in-place at home. Sound Sleep Health looks forward to seeing you soon and continuing to offer quality care.

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How Does It Work?

Request an Appointment – Request an Appointment or call (425) 636-2400 to schedule an appointment now.
Compatible With Your Technology – Our secure and efficient telehealth technology is compatible with desktop, mobile, and tablet. It does not require you to download an app and can be accessed through chrome, safari, and firefox web browsers.

Meet with Your Provider – A link will be sent to you before your scheduled appointment. Click on the link to start your video call with your provider.

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Telehealth is a Wonderful Option for

  • New Patients
  • Follow-Up Visits
  • General and Medical Questions
  • Lab and Test Results

Tips for Your Telehealth Appointment

  1. Check your internet connection – be sure your computer, phone, or tablet is connected to wifi to ensure your connection is clear and strong.
  2. Please restart your computer or phone before the visit – restarting improves the chances of a smooth, effortless connection.
  3. Use headphones or sit in a quiet room – using headphones will minimize the amount of background noise that your provider hears over the call.
  4. Stay on the line – just like our in-office appointments, we may be running a little late. Stay on the call and we will be with you shortly.

Call the Sound Sleep Health team or book online to receive your telehealth video appointment and restore your ideal sleep schedule.