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FAST FACTS: Signs that you might have sleep apnea

However, there are several other signs and symptoms of sleep apnea you need to be aware of.These are often overlooked indicators that, by themselves, don’t seem like they can be connected to asleep disorder.

Put them together, though, and you have several warning signs and symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) you will not want to ignore.

15 signs you might have sleep apnea

  1. You snore or snort yourself awake

  2. Loved ones have witnessed pauses in breathing as you sleep

  3. You suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness and feel tired all the time

  4. You experience morning headaches

  5. You have high blood pressure

  6. You are overweight or obese

  7. You find you are having mood swings, depression, irritability, or anxiety you didn’t have before

  8. You have trouble waking up in the morning

  9. You’re a restless sleeper , tossing and turning all night long

  10. You need to use the restroom several times a night

  11. You have experienced problems with bedwetting

  12. You need to prop yourself up with pillows or sit in a recliner in order to sleep

  13. You have inexplicable bouts of insomnia either at the beginning of the night or later in the night

  14. You awaken with a racing heart or find yourself gasping for breath

  15. In the morning, your throat or mouth is dry, raw, or hoarse

If you can relate to more than one or several of these signs, you may wish to consult your doctor about the possibility that you might have sleep apnea. Also, we offer a FREE sleep apnea test and consultation opportunity below, if you’re concerned.

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