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  • Sleep apnea almost always includes snoring as a symptom

    HOWEVER…Ordinary snoring does not necessarily signal sleep apnea

  • Sleep apnea-related snoring occurs mostly duringREM sleep

    HOWEVER…Ordinary snoring happens across every sleep stage

  • Sleep apnea is considered asleep-related breathing disorder

    HOWEVER…Ordinary snoring is not considered a sleep disorder

  • Sleep apneamaybe completely silent

    HOWEVER…Ordinary snoring is never completely silent

  • Sleep apnea is most commonly treated using positive airway pressure(i.e. CPAP)

    HOWEVER…Ordinary snoring is not usually treated with positive airway pressure

  • Sleep apnea is estimated to affect45 million Americans

    HOWEVER…Ordinary snoring is estimated to affect 90 million Americans

FAST FACTS courtesy:
American Academy of Sleep Medicine
National Sleep Foundation
US National Library of Medicine
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