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Great gift ideas for the CPAP user in your life

If that loved one in your life is a CPAP user, we can help you solve that problem.

CPAP users are used to keeping on top of supply replacement and replenishment when it comes to CPAP tubing, CPAP masks, CPAP filters, and cleaning supplies.

But they may not be as vigilant about less pragmatic concerns. Imagine their delight, then, when they find a useful gift underneath all the bows and wraps, which may be something they either never thought about, or didn’t know about, or didn’t splurge on for themselves.

Thoughtful gifts for the CPAP user in your life

One of the hardest challenges a CPAP user faces is compliance to their therapy. They might genuinely like their therapy, but there can be roadblocks to using it, such as power outages or inaccessibility and the inconveniences of travel.

CPAP Battery backup system

For instance, your loved one may be a new user and may not have thought about the impact a power outage will have on their ability to use their therapy… until one happens.

When we lose power, many go sleepless in Seattle, but those with sleep apnea pay serious consequences.

CPAP users can experience real problems without energy to power their machines. When the power goes out, it is too late to do anything about it, and they will be stuck going without the therapy they need to breathe easy at night.

A battery backup system could change all of that. A quick automated switch to a pre-charged CPAP battery backup can provide uninterrupted power to a CPAP machine.

Better safe than sorry, right? At Sound Sleep Health, we recommend the Medistrom Pilot series offered by Choice One Medical to keep CPAP machines functional.

The Pilot 12 backup battery serves all devices except for ResMed products; the Pilot 24 backs up ResMed products. These reliable, small, and lightweight power supplies come with built-in flashlights and USB adapters for cell phone charging.

Learn more about our sale pricing on these must-have items for Seattle-area CPAP users.

Travel CPAP machine (Mini CPAP)

Does your CPAP user travel a great deal? For those who travel regularly, it may be a normal part of their experience to tote their home device with them wherever they go.

And why not? They like using it, know how much it helps them, and have carte blanche to travel with it from the Transportation and Safety Administration.

But some people are less frequent travelers; the thought of traveling with a CPAP machine may make it hard for them to stick with the therapy they need. In fact, they may even leave it at home, which would be a terrible mistake. This would be similar to a diabetic leaving their insulin at home because of the inconvenience of packing it.

Or, some users might travel to remote locations, either for business or for pleasure (camping in the Pacific Northwest, for instance!), and find it impractical to travel with CPAP if they have difficulty even locating and accessing electricity. CPAP and camping can, indeed, be part of your Seattle-based lifestyle.

The good news? There are travel CPAP devices available which don’t rely on electricity to function.We offer one fantastic solution at Sound Sleep Health, HDM’s Z1 CPAP . It weighs 10 ounces, is one of the quietest machines on the market, and can provide both fixed rate (CPAP) and auto-titrating (Auto-PAP) pressure delivery. This is our first choice for battery power CPAP.

If your loved one already has the Z1, congratulations! They are already ahead of the game! Still, you have gift options, such as gifting thema soft-sided case, additional battery packs, the Power Shell charging upgrade, or other Z1-related accessories to ensure they are breathing easy, no matter where they are.

Contact us directly about purchasing this excellent travel CPAP device for your loved one.

CPAP carryalls for travel and protection

Not every CPAP user has acquired sufficient luggage to tote their durable medical equipment when they travel. For infrequent travelers, this may especially be the case.

Your loved one may have a carryall already, but does it do an adequate job of keeping their equipment safe from damage? If not, they may need an upgrade.

Or, they may already have a great bag for their CPAP, but it has worn out from overuse. Replacing it with a handsome and durable new bag makes for a thoughtful gift.

At Sound Sleep Health, we can help guide you to good options for bags that can make travel with CPAP stylish and easy. Contact us about the kind of equipment that needs to be house and we can connect you with perfect options for toting CPAP.

The Philips Respironics bag (shown left, below) and the ResMed bag (shown right, below) are two handsome, durable options that can safely stow everything to make traveling with CPAP easier than ever.

If you’re looking for practical, thoughtful holiday gift ideas for a loved one using CPAP, don’t hesitate to contact us about purchasing any of these options, or to ask about other items we may have on hand that can help you help them to breathe easy at night.

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