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Sheila Manhas, MD

Over 10 years in clinical practice

  • Board certification: Sleep Medicine, Adult Neurology
  • Clinical focus:Sleep Medicine and Neurology
  • Medical School:University of Alberta, Canada

Residencies and Fellowships

  • Adult Neurology, University of Manitoba
  • Clinical Neurophysiology, UCLA School of Medicine
  • Sleep Fellowship, Huntington Memorial Hospital, Pasadena CA

Research Experience and Publications

  • Research on neurobiology of Alzheimer’s Disease and Motor Neuron Disease

Leadership Experience

  • Extensive experience doing volunteer medical work in British Columbia and India
  • Coach, womens’ ice hockey
  • Extensive teaching experience during graduate school
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Telehealth Patient

Telehealth for sleep evaluations

Telehealth is a hot topic. Although its recent rise is partially linked with the decline in in-person visits during the coronavirus pandemic, telehealth has in fact been heralded as the ‘next big thing’ in healthcare for more than a decade. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) has announced its commitment to advancing the use…

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sleep apnea and insomnia patient

Will Sleep Apnea Cause Insomnia?

Everyone has trouble sleeping at some point in their life. A late-afternoon latte, an overly indulgent dinner or nerves about an upcoming work milestone can keep you up into the wee hours of the night. The next day may not be one of your best –- you might be irritable, exhausted and unfocused — but…

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Sleep Apnea Raises Your Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death: Get the Facts

You may have heard of sleep apnea, but do you really know what it is? Far from a harmless sleep disorder that keeps you from a sound night’s rest, sleep apnea can lead to serious health complications, including sudden cardiac death. According to the American Sleep Apnea Association, 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea.…

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