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The Best Sleep Centers in Seattle

Sometimes patients who need sleep clinic services are unable to make an appointment with us and request that we make recommendations. While we hope you would make Sound Sleep Health your first choice for sleep health, we also recommend the following specialists in Seattle.

The Best Sleep Centers in Seattle

Here are some of our favorite sleep health service providers in the area…

Swedish Sleep Medicine (Seattle based, with multiple Puget Sound locations)

Their team of leading specialists are board-certified in sleep medicine as well as in subspecialties in neurology, psychiatry, internal medicine, neuro-psychiatry, pediatrics, and pediatric pulmonary medicine.

Providence Sleep Health Institute (Everett)

This is the only hospital-based sleep lab in Snohomish County accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (ABSM).The 10-bed lab is equipped with sophisticated technology and equipment, but rooms are decorated to be home-like and comfortable.

Virginia Mason Sleep Disorders Center (Seattle based, with multiple Puget Sound locations)

Virginia Mason boasts a multi-disciplinary specialty clinic that provides diagnosis and treatment using a comprehensive approach for treating all sleep problems, including snoring, sleep apnea, insomnia, restless legs, narcolepsy, fatigue, excessive daytime sleepiness, nocturnal seizures, sleep behaviors such as sleep walking, and adjustment to shift work.

Sleep Medicine Center at Harborview &UW Medicine Sleep Center at Harborview (Seattle)

In addition to theSleep Medicine Center and Sleep Surgery Clinic at Harborview, sleep medicine teams work with patients at the UW Medicine Sleep Center at Harborview Medical Center to provide multidisciplinary assessment, treatment, and follow-up consultation services for patients with sleep-related problems.

EvergreenHealth Sleep Services (Kirkland)

This clinic handles all varieties of sleep disorders, from common insomnia to the more complex sleep disorders, and handles sleep education as well as state-of-the-art, full-service diagnostic procedures.

Polyclinic Sleep Disorders Program (Seattle)

The Polyclinic’s ABSM-certified specialists provide consultations and diagnostic evaluations for patients suspected of having sleep disorders.

PacMed’s Diagnostic Center for Sleep Health (Northgate)

This first-class facility provides evaluation, review, and consultation all at one site, and employs an interdisciplinary team of AASM-certified medical specialists for a thorough diagnosis.

We also wish to give these sleep centers a thumbs up for their good work:

  • Creekside Sleep Medicine (Bellevue)
  • Highline Hospital Sleep Program (Burien)
  • North Puget Sound Sleep Disorders Center (Everett)

We hope that, wherever you go to seek out help for your sleep concerns, you have the highest quality care and a positive experience with both testing and treatment. Getting the right test and treatment for your sleep health needs is critical for so many reasons, including and especially good overall health in the long term.

Here at Sound Sleep Health our staff is relaxed, friendly, and attentive, and as an independent sleep clinic, we provide cost-effective services at a lower price than those linked to hospital or clinic systems.

We don’t belong to a mega-group of doctors, which means any referrals we make to our patients are to the best possible physicians for those concerns and complaints, and not just simply someone “in the house.”

Finally, we are accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), which ensures we operate at the highest rating of quality. In fact, one AASM site inspector described Sound Sleep Health as one of the best sleep programs Ive ever seen.

Please reach out to us at Sound Sleep Health if you have concerns about sleeping problems, for yourself or for a loved one. We have 3 locations in the greater Seattle/Kirkland areas. Call us so we can work together to Improve Your Sleep Today!

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